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The Seagull Framework empowers you to build sophisticated web applications and deploy it straight to your highly scalable serverless infrastructure. With feedback loops included, it is the ideal tool for LEAN software development.

This is a pre-alpha framework!

The project is under heavy development and APIs will change. Only use it for experimental stuff right now.


TL;DR: it is React.js and Typescript Code running on AWS Lambda and deployed via Serverless. The framework is designed for LEAN product development and especially tailored for experienced developers and serial solopreneurs.


The Seagull Framework builds on top of the most powerful and popular web development options. Hit the ground running with preconfigured React.js and deploy to the AWS Cloud within minutes. read more »


Enable analytics for your app and seagull will track user interactions to Google Analytics (realtime dashboards) and it's own backend (exact historical data). Pirate Metrics are already implemented, too. read more »


Generate daily/weekly/monthly reports from your app with actionable metrics and results. There might even be automatic hypothesis management in the future. read more »

What's inside?


Every web developer knows Javascript nowadays, and node.js brings Javascript from browsers to servers and has the biggest library ecosystem in the world called npm. It is also the most popular and most widely used programming language for web development today.


The Typescript language is a superset of Javascript and allows you to use the latest and greatest additions to the Javascript language even if your customers (and their browsers) don't support them. Also, as the name implies, it adds optional static typing to the mix, a really great safety net and productivity boost.


The most popular frontend framework as of today is React.js and it's component syntax called JSX. It is also the only frontend component abstraction which can be compiled by Typescript natively and is completely typesafe. This combination eliminates the need of Flow and similar clunky tools.


This backend framework simplifies the deployment of web applications which follow a generic serverless architecture. Using CloudFormation on AWS, applications have the benefits of immutable infrastructure and infrastructure-as-code, but without all the pains of orchestration tools.

Amazon Web Services

By choosing the most popular cloud provider, Seagull is able to leverage the serverless framework completely autonomous for you. You never have to configure anything on your own and there also are generous free tiers for AWS usage (most small/mid-sized web apps should be free).