Hit the ground running with the Seagull CLI, which creates a pre-configured React app with a serverless backend architecture and instant deployment to your AWS account. There is only one programming language to know: Typescript.

Getting started

Seagull requires node.js version 6 (LTS)

AWS Lambda currently only supports node.js version 6, so seagull enforces this version, too. In terms of possible cross-cloud support, the only language every cloud provider supports is: Javascript.

Here are the steps for installing node.js and the CLI for Mac OS:

# If you haven't already, install the node version manager:
$ brew install nvm

# reload current shell with tweaked environment for nvm:
$ echo "source $(brew --prefix nvm)/" >> ~/.profile

# latest LTS version which AWS Lambda supports:
$ nvm install 6.10.3

# always use this node.js version as default in new shells:
$ nvm alias default 6.10.3

# install the seagull CLI:
$ npm install -g @seagull/cli

Serverless Infrastructure

The true power of seagull unfolds when you deploy your app. The CLI will compile your code into a featherweight bundle and leverages the serverless framework to orchestrate the deployment process.


infrastructure-as-code, immutable infrastructure, cloud orchestration


cdn, caching, request pooling, traffic splitting

API Gateway

serverside routing, rate limiting, access control


file storage (unlimited), assets, frontend code


nano-services, parallelism, javascript, ssr

React Router

JSX components, routing, mobx, pages


document database, autoscale, flexible


document database, autoscale, flexible